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8/26/13: ive been slackin on these sooo yaaa I luv luv luv my legzzz, theyre probably my favorite thing physically about me. Theyre so strong and im working at getting them lovelier so I can love them more and yum those tan lines. I feel like im annoying and self obsessed by making these posts and its sad that I feel this way. By loving myself I feel too self obsessed and thats no cooly. So if you dont like it bye cuz I luv it

What I love ablut myself : 8/19/2013: my thighs! They are rather large but thats why I love them. Theyre musculer and I work hard at keeping them semi toned and not flabby. My bf loves them, he tells me.all the time! I dont desire a thigh gap but I think they are equally as lovely as thicker thighs :)

I also love my hair today causw its sup dups curly and all I did was let it dry after my shower :)

Phase one of learning to better myself and love myself: each day im going to recognize a part of myself that I love and today it happens to be my collar bones. I love. Love. Love them. They are just so out there and they are very noticable. But that does not mean that im unhealthy because im certainly not. I just really love them.

Deal w the fact my phone likes me sideways and were peacin

my boyfriend gave me a teddy bear today…

yes i have 600 teddy bears, but this one is very very special. 

he was hospitalized when he was younger for little kid health issues and thats when he got this teddy bear from his grandma, the one who basically raised him the first 10 years of his life. he told me that she said whenever this bear is with you, everything will be okay. and it was he said. so today he brought it to me and told me that story and he said make sure you take care of him and remember that when hes with you everything is going to be okay. he said, i feel like you need it more than me right now and everything is going to be okay. the bear even has a whole in its back because its so old and used but i sewed it up. its the best gift anyone could ever give to me. theres a wonderful meaning behind it, unlike all my other bears and im going to take robert (we named him after his grandpa who is currently suffering from a cancerous tumor) everywhere so everything is always okay.

Just realized that what im justifying as healthy eating is actually me relapsing. Im starting to develop fear foods again and I dont mind skipping lunch. Actually I try to because it makes me feel amazing. I don’t even know what the fuck recovery is or what it looks like and im so fucking confused as to how im supposed to do thi
s by myself. Im starting to enjoy the image of me wasting away in the mirror again and it really fucking scares me. Also, im under 112 pounds and working out 6 days a week is not helping that number go up. I think im trying to cure myself and that is not possible. Im sabotaging myself purposely. And im really fucking hungry right now. Torn between whether to ball my eyes out or give myself a high five.


These next months of summer are going to be dedicated to me becoming more me and happier and exploring and positive thinking and kind of a zen feel of life where everything is just so pleasant and wonderful. Where I’m just floating along ok with the good and the bad and embracing it. I’ve seen too,Amy young people go before their time and be set back and it’s just not worth it to be sad about stupid things. It’s okay to be sad but I’ve been sad too long and it’s time for me to enjoy


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